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#3 add db export/import new sop defect server major
#6 dashboard, feeds etc ... add author info to comments and text activities new sop enhancement server minor
#7 Comments lost when context changes new sop defect server major
#8 Export does not properly export the file name new sop defect server major
#13 HTML tags in markdown document and consequences new sop defect server --
#16 Internal links in HTML documents don't work new sop defect server --
#17 Code Block button in graphic markdown editor new sop enhancement server --
#20 Import pb behind apache new sop defect server --
#21 support for presentations, and spreadsheets (MS and/or openoffice) new sop enhancement server --
#22 additional way to insert location of coment : area select + coment on the text as a whole new sop enhancement server --
#23 Voting buttons new sop enhancement server --
#24 the "add coment" on Chrome browser has issues when scrolling the text page new sop defect server --
#25 Interface : back to solid separator new sop enhancement server --
#27 ins and del tags don't work in HTML-based documents? new sop defect server --
#28 Tag filter: wrong number of results new sop defect js --
#30 height of the comment box not refreshed when editing the selection new sop defect server --
#31 A timeline with cursor to filter comments new sop enhancement server --
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