Q1: How can I check the distribution for errors (libraries etc.):

R1: After configuring a database and access in your settings_local.py, you can launch the unit test suite with the following command:

./bin/django test cm

Q2: I'm getting the following error when launching the migrate command:

line 62, in handle
    __import__(app_name + '.management', {}, {}, [''])
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/uno.py", line 300, in _uno_import
    raise ImportError( "type "+ name + "." +x + " is unknown" )
ImportError: type django.contrib.sessions.management. is unknown

R2: This is due to a bug in uno (python openoffice bridge) that monkey patches the import system and messes with django's dynamic module loading system. A workaround to launch the migrate command is to set:


in file src/cm/converters/oo_converters.py and then to launch the migrate command. Set the value back to True and relaunch the server to use openoffice as a conversion backend.

Q3: When using  co-ment Drupal module, I want that the name of commentators to be the same as the Drupal username

R3: For this feature (commentator name = drupal login name) to be available, a configuration parameter should be set in settings_local.py: