Comt API is a simple REST API that allows for to query a Comt server programmatically. Every Comt instance is shipped with the API documentation accessible at  http://mycomtinstance/api/doc. You can access an up to date version of the documentation here


The Comt API uses the  REST model. The underlying API system used by Comt is the excellent  django-piston.


This API can be used for any purpose but is primarily designed for:

  • fetch metrics from a Comt server for reporting/monitoring etc.
  • create plugins to others systems like CMSes to integrate Comt texts using a Comt server as a backend.

Authentification & security

Comt API use basic HTTP Authentication. This method has the advantage of simplicity but is vulnerable to an eavesdropping adversary. This is why we recommend to use the HTTPS protocol for Comt servers.